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diving certificate   Ok so you probably asking what is UTD and how is it different from PADI  Scuba Diving

The primary differences are:

In UTD Scuba Course you will never touch the bottom of the pool or ocean floor! All skills will be done hovering in neutral position!

All UTD Scuba Divers are Ocean Friendly which means you will not be destroying corals, and marine life as you dive you will have perfect horizontal trim, Buoyancy and body positioning during your dive!

With UTD you will learn precise gas management. PADI only covers very basic of gas management.

UTD you will learn 5 different ways of fining which are


PADI you will learn only FLUTTER Kick

UTD Has only 6 basic skills which are essentials for scuba diving! And all skills will be done mid water! PADI has 20 which are done sitting on the bottom!

UTD Courses can be done Sidemount or Backmount single or double tank! We use Backplate type BCD we don't use Jacket type as well as no split fins! PADI any equipment backmount only.

In UTD you will learn how to dive with bottom timer only as we don't rely on computers. PADI you will rely on a dive computer!

To complete UTD Open Water diver course it takes minimum 4 days, same for PADI Open water diver certification

UTD and PADI both world wide recognized! 

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Course Info Price Materials C-Card
UTD Open Water Diver 3-4 Days course min age 16 25.000 Students pay 99 usd included
UTD Essentials of Rec 3-4 Days min age 16 27.000 Students pay 99 usd 17.50 USD
UTD Essentials of Rec Sidemount 3-4 Days min age 16 27.000 Students pay 99 usd 17.50 USD
UTD Rec 2 4 Days min age 18 32.000 Students pay 99 usd 17.50 USD
Extreme Scuba Makeover 1 day min age 16 Must be certified 8.000 Students pay 40 usd none

 Getting Started:

  • Check the diving class schedule
  • Register online click here
  • Complete online knowledge base

 Required Equipment:

  • Regulator: Primary regulator with donateable 5 or 7 ft hose and Back up regulator bungeed around the divers neck.
  • Minimum of one cutting device
  • One spool with minimum of 21 mtr of line and one surface marker buoy
  • Fins non split type
  • Low volume mask
  • Compass
  • Bottom timer

Suggested Accessories (not required) BC mounted canister dive light w/ Goodman handle.

                                               UTD Diving Courses Manila Philippines


UTD's Extreme Scuba Makeover is an entry level class for certified divers who would like to develop or improve trim, buoyancy and balance as most of the Agencies does not teach this skills.

  • You will drop a significant amount off your current weighting system.
  • You will acquire perfect buoyancy on which you can build impeccable skills.
  • You will attain gorgeous UTD/DIR style trim (prone) position by learning "insider tricks."
  • You will significantly improve your air consumption rate.
  • You will start developing positioning kicks such as frog kicks.
  • You will improve your knowledge of Min Deco to dive without relying on a computer.
  • You will improve your understanding of gas management your return to the surface.
  • You will learn to conduct skills without getting on your knees.
  • Most importantly you will be on a path to become a thinking diver!!!

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