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                                               We service most of the brands of scuba diving equipment

As a recreational diver, servicing your dive regulators  annually or every 100 dives or more often is a general rule of thumb. However some brands recommend a inspection every 6 to 12 months and a full service every two years. These brands have designed their regulators to prevent spring loaded pressure being applied to internal components when not in use which prevents wear and therefore  allows a two year service interval. 

If your a dive instructor and use equipment for students you should consider the environments they are exposed to. For example hire and school gear should be done every three to six months due to high use and in many cases being exposed to chlorinated pool water which rapidly deteriorates internal components. 

If you have purchased scuba equipment second hand I recommend getting a safety check at our store prior to use it. And do be aware that when buying second hand gear, factor in the amount it will cost you to get it serviced because more times than not it will need one.  And after paying the price for the regulators and then the service, it can sometimes be the better option to purchase brand new.

Because a twelve month service interval is sufficient for recreational divers, we offer a twelve month performance warranty on all regulators we service. We also recommend bringing your gear in for an inspection around the six month mark post service, which we do free of charge for our customers.

Regulator Service BCD Backplate or Jacket Camera Housing
Full set regulator 1800 Php BCD Service 1200 Php Housing starts from 1800 Php
Express Service will be ready on the next day 2800 Php Express Service will be ready on the next day 2200 Php DSLR Housing call us
Extra charge for orings 45 Php per piece Extra charge for orings 45 Php per piece Strobes service 1800 Php

      Your equipment is serviced in accordance with OceanZoneExplorers quality control procedures and manufacture specifications. We service every item of equipment to the highest of standards and is guaranteed to perform as well, if not better than it's new condition. For this reason we give a 1 year performance guarantee on our services.

Trolltunga Norway
Fast and quality service with 1 year warranty
All regulator components dried and sealed with a full service report provided
Northern Lights
Computer battery replacement at the shop next day release with new Battery, O-ring and pressure tested

The guarantee covers the performance of your equipment such as free flowing regulators, but does not cover defective or worn items as a result of age and general wear and tear. In the event an item of equipment becomes unserviceable due manufacture error I will be happy to contact the manufacture on your behalf.
Warranty does not cover items which show signs of self repair, poor maintenance or user damage.

 Brands we service:

Sub Gear
Pro Blue
Sea Hornet
Scuba Pro
Spare Air
Sea Quest
Apollo DPV