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First stage regulator setup

Posted by oceanzone on September 16, 2018 at 1:15 AM


This is the most common 1st stage design and you'll usually find Two Low Pressure and One High Pressure Port on Either Side. These are pretty simple and the only choice you should start with is whether you want it Inverted or Not. Inverting adds the extra benefit of making your 1st stage more protected and lower profile so if you're swimming in an overhead or keep bumping your head on the 1st stage...


Swivel turret 1st stages are the most customisable design and often have a 5th Low Pressure Port from the top of the 1st stage. Four of your low pressure hoses can swivel on one axis so hose routing is easier and they can route out at more natural angles. The 5th port allows for more direct hose routing in certain setups.


Same as your left twin 1st stage above with SPG, 2nd stage and LPI routed down the length of the cylinder.



Switching to a DIR setup is easy and you'll need the 5th port for best results. Put your long hose primary on the 5th port pointing down at 7 O'clock. SPG off the left side with LPI hoses and your octo on a short hose is fitted to the right side to go over your shoulder. This gives you a great setup that is both safe and practical in most situations but will require a few custom length hoses.


Fit transmitters to a short HP hose with a swivel pin, something like a 6"/15cm hose is perfect. That way the 15.000 php transmitter can move and be bumped without straining or breaking either the transmitter or the 1st stage. 

Consider DIR setups with a Primary Long Hose Donate arrangement, they're safer and more practical for all environments. You will need some custom length hoses and a little training for proper usage but it's a prefered setup by advanced divers around the world. 

Invest in some decent fixed spanners or wrenches instead of adjustables. If any of the nuts on my hoses are scuffed on the corners it's because an adjustable has slipped and taken the chrome off. 

All High pressure hoses have the same threads so all you have to worry about is length, and if a swivel pin is fitted. Low pressure hoses are usually 3/8" but there are a very few out there that are 1/2" but you can literally measure their circumference with a ruler to tell the difference. 

Take your time and make sure your tool is fitted correctly before loosening or tightening anything. 

Outside of swapping hoses don't touch or adjust anything. You can damage parts of your regulators, some parts are spring loaded and can be a real pain to put back together if not assemble in the correct order. Some regs have left handed threads inside so if it's working fine then just leave it alone and if it isn't working properly then take it to a service centre, and be honest... We can tell when somebody's been playing around inside their regs

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