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Posted by oceanzone on July 30, 2017 at 7:45 AM

Just short introduction on who I am so you dont think this information coming from someone who is not qualifyed to talk about this topic.

My name is Igor I am an UTD Instructor #87 and PADI Specialty instructor #492739 as well as Aqualung and Apeks Technician with over 5.000 dives including Caves, Wrecks, Technical in many parts of the world.

Regulator Service:

Let’s start this topic off with the first thing that should always be imprinted into your mind, not only when you take your regulator in for service, but when you pack it away under your dive gear, store it for an extended period of time or wonder if your regulator is overdue for service. This is your life support equipment! It is of the same importance as the systems on a space shuttle, it is delivering oxygen rich air to your lungs to control your body’s functions and keeping you alive, so you know what will happen when its mulfunction 20 mtr down bellow.


By far this is the MOST important piece of equipment that you own, as reasoned in the above paragraph so we must take care of it accordingly. Your regulator should be serviced annually no matter if you have 1 dive or 100 dives. Why? Because your regulator is built of many moving parts, especially o-rings which are made of either Rubber and on most or all newer regulators it will be EPDM (Oxygen Compatible to 40%). After a year the integrity of the o-rings start to diminish and the lubricants start to wear down and become stale. So it’s not a matter of “Oh but I only dove with it 4 times so I can service it in another year”, it’s a time issue. Just like the oil in your car, only good for 3 – 4 months, you wouldn’t think twice about changing the oil in your summer sports car.

In OceanZoneExplorers We service all brands of diving regulators with eather 6 months or 12 months warranty. Technician is always at the shop to service or just test your gear any time.

Our dive shop is located in 54 Timog Avenue. Quezon City just across the road from LUXENT Hotel.

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