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Divers that learn on their knees

Posted by oceanzone on July 23, 2017 at 8:55 AM

How many times have you seen a group of divers kneeling on the bottom?

Whether it was on a dive boat or from shore, how many times have you looked over and seen a group of divers either kneeling or stirring up the bottom? As a marine scientist, it pains me to see corals and other “benthic” (aka bottom dwelling) organisms become smothered by sediments. It requires an enormous amount of energy for corals to remove these sediments, leaving them in a state of stress if the sediment doesn’t kill them from suffocation. Many times I have acted like an underwater “dust pan” swatting the material off my coral friends from these kinds of divers.

You could argue that bad buoyancy is part of the problem but there is an underlying issue. Divers that learn on their knees, dive on their knees. I have seen this time and time again with other instructors that teach skills kneeling on the bottom. When I run into their students later, I find them on the bottom because that is how they were taught.

UTD’s Solution:

UTD divers do not touch the bottom, even in their very first pool session. The UTD difference emphasizes to divers that they always need to be neutrally buoyant in the water column, never on the bottom. This is creating a culture of ocean friendly divers that maintains the benthic health of our marine ecosystems, and our visibility!

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