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Reef Ball Project 2013 (RBP)

Posted by oceanzone on January 28, 2013 at 12:55 AM

As of July 18, 2013

We were able to made 50 Reef Balls with the help of mostly felow divers, 24 of them were transfered to Batangas for planting. 12 of them were planted at the depth of 13 to 16 mtr. It took as 180 min of bottom time to finish the planting.

Will be coming back for the 2nd half.

Thanks to the volunteers who made this project possible: Ron, Warren, Juan, Mike and Sherwin.

Big Thanks to Anthony Calero from Anjush Builders for making the Reef Balls

As of January 28, 2013

We were on the trip to Anilao, Batangas on last weekend's January 26 -27 with the first 4 Reef Balls to plant at the depth of 9.3 Mtr on the sandy area in square formation, with little bit of currents. The weight of the RB the smallest weighted 70 kg and the heaviest 112 kg. As the truck loaded with Reef Balls left Manila going to Anilao, Batangas we were thinking to unload RB at the small private pier as the original Resort where we decided to plant the RB has around 250 or more stiff steps, but found out that they refused to let us unloaded RB without the permission so we had to carry the RB's one by one all the way down from parking lot to the shore line. Well back to the positive we found out that it doesn’t require much time for landing RB to the bottom with orginized team of divers. March 23 we will be going back with full scale project if you like to join you should have decent dive skills underwater and have some experience working with lift bag.

The Divers:

Igor Subora, Jeff de Guzman, Juan Naval, Anthony Calero, Dang Subora, Yvan A. Pagulayan

We just want to thank Anthony Calero from Anjush Builders for such a big contribution to the project on creating the moulds and the reef balls.

Big credit to Jeff de Guzman one of the best UW photographers I've ever met, for coming with us and documenting project with absolutely stunning underwater photos.

Of course Juan Naval UTD Instructor for providing lift bags and helping planting RB's to the bottom.

Yvan Pagulayan and Dang for safety of the operation underwater.

We will be monitoring RB's every 2 weeks all reports and photos will be posted here for those who are as much exited as we are.


Our goal is to get something like this

Check later for updates and photo report from this trip.

Written by: Igor Subora

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